For many years, the MICRO TECHNOLOGY Co., has been pursuing glass materials with strength, hardness and design, and functionality.
I overcame the image of "hard and heavy", "breaks when force is applied", and "does not bend".
It is now to realize products and designs that could not be realized with plastic.

Taking advantage of the transparency, weather resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, etc. of glass, we have developed thin glass "aimic" with high technology.
We will solve the problems in your product development and open the door to practical use and realization.

Products of "aimic"

There are two main products of "aimic",
and there are four precision processing methods.

Thin plate glass

Thin plate glass

It is a simple and plain thin glass product.
We provide the size as you want with a well-balanced thickness.

Thin precision machined glass

Thin precision machined glass

It is a product made by applying ultra-precision
processing to thin glass.

Precision work



Technology for chemical strengthening

  • chemical strengthening processing

    Strengthens thin glass.

  • Laminated glass processing

    Anti-scattering processing
    It is a process to make strong glass with high-precision bonding technology to prevent scattering when broken.



Combination of various processing technologies

  • bendable (bendable) processing

    Glass slimming / hybrid processing
    Glass that has been thinned to the limit bends like a film.
    You can make various shapes such as unique products and 3D products by combining processing technologies such as bonding.



Shape processing technology

  • Glass cutting technology

    NC cutting
    Various processing including circular, fan-shaped, drilling, and chamfering.


surface treatment

Shape processing technology

surface treatment
  • Glass etching technology

    Chemical polishing process
    In a large hydrofluoric acid treatment facility, we use glass etching technology to make thin and strong glass.

  • High precision printing technology

    Decorative printing
    High-precision silk printing technology enables high-precision and high-definition colors. It also can decorate curved surfaces.

  • Glass surface antireflection technology

    AG / AR / AF processing.
    AG surface treatment by chemical etching evenly, AR surface treatment with high transmittance and low reflectance, and AF surface treatment with very high antifouling effect are also possible.
    Doing these at the same time will result in a higher anti-glare effect.

  • Micro wiring processing

    It is to form ITO, AI, Mo, Cu, Cr, etc. by vacuum thin film technology.
    These are photo fabricated to form a precision wiring pattern.

How "aimic" works

  • 01

    Increase creativity in product development

  • 02

    Bring out the
    value of product

  • 03

    high design

  • 04

    Creating new value
    in products

Suggestion of utilization of thin glass ”aimic”

Precision work

  • Automotive


  • Mobile


  • Home


  • Building materials / interior materials

    Building materials / interior materials

  • Displays


  • Materials for art production

    Materials for art production


Automotive cover glass

Automotive cover glass

It is a strong glass that meets the demands of curves.
It can also be fitted to the base stand as an automotive cover glass.
Unlike plastic, it has a cool image and a luxurious design. And you can perform decorative printing processing by AG/AR/AF processing and high precision printing technology.

Bending glass

Bending glass

With glass slimming technology, glass that has been thinned to the limit bends like a film.
Thin film processing technology can be added to it, and metal wiring processing can also be performed.

Thin glass sensor (Bendable capacitive touch panel)

Thin glass sensor
(Bendable capacitive touch panel)

It is a one-sided laminated type capacitive touch panel developed with the concept of high performance, high reliability, extremely thin, light, and hard to break even when bent.
The ultra-thin glass (thickness 0.02mm to 0.05mm) of the sensor part and PET film are bonded together, and the PET film is film-formed with ITO or the like to block noise from the LCD panel. Furthermore, by changing the film of the support, the specifications and applications can be expanded.

Features of processing technology of

MICRO TECH is good at ultra-precision machining with 50 years of knowledge, experience, information and technical capabilities.
We produce unique and original materials as requested.

  • 1. We provide everything from processing technology development to Mass Product in at domestic factories.
  • 2. We provide high quality, low cost and short delivery time according to customer's specifications.