In our business activities related to the manufacture of our products, we will work to harmonize with the natural environment and reduce or improve the environmental load, and carry out environmental activities in consideration of sustainability.

June 4, 2012
Director Minoru Yoshikawa

  1. We will establish an environmental management system that meets the requirements of ISO14001, carry out environmental conservation activities, and continuously improve the environmental management system to prevent environmental pollution.
  2. We will accurately grasp the impact on the environment in our "manufacturing of thin film optical application products and touch panels" business, set environmental objectives and targets, and prevent environmental pollution.
  3. Set the following items as important activity items to be performed as environmental objectives / goals.

    (1) Contribution to a recycling-oriented society by promoting resource recycling
    (2) Saving energy resources
    (3) Conservation of area and work environment
  4. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations regarding our environmental aspects and the requirements of the industry and customers that we have agreed to.
  5. Document the environmental policy and post it internally. It will also be published on the website.